Friday, October 5, 2007

Why Does Life Always Get In The Way!

I really want to be quilting today but there are too many other things to be done today. I have spent my entire morning preparing our travel trailer for taking it to park at the Balloon Fiesta Park. Now to just put things back in and make the beds, put towels in and other things like that. At least the end is in sight for that little project!

Can you say tornado! Looks like one has ripped thru my house. I have been busy the last week and the house blew up. I think it has something to do with my two girls who can't seem to find a place for everything and put everything its place. Well there is a a place for everything if the floor and tabletops count for a place.

I did work on the huge quilt on the frame yesterday. It is coming along really nicely. I am just starting to use guides for the spines of my feathers and what a HUGE difference that makes. I think this one is gonna be gorgeous whenever I get it done. I will post some photos when it is finished.

Now the upcoming Balloon Fiesta should be fun. This year I am going to focus on photography! Each year I wish I would take more and better photos. Good thing for digital cameras with large capacity memory chips. I think I can take about 200 photos so I will start with an empty disk so I will not have to worry about how many times I click that shutter. I am so hoping to get some awesome shots. Of course I will show a few of the best and also hopefully there will be some future quilt designs in there as well.

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