Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Too Much Information

This is our cat Thomas. He is King Cat and resides over the house over all other living creatures that dwell therein. He rules over the dogs and keeps them in line not to mention the people. Mostly he sits up on his cat perch where he can keep an eye on the comings and goings thruout the day. At night he roams the house or curls up on a bed. On cold nights when the house cools off he will borrow under the blankets and curl up quite content with his life.

Wish I could be more like Thomas. Well actually I would likely get bored after the first few days of that. Nope my life if full of activity and things that are in need of being done. I am wife, mother, housekeeper, chauffeur, cook, laundry girl, secretary, counselor, tutor, personal assistant. Oh yes and did I forget to mention Professional Longarm Quilter. Well life is sure full and busy with two growing girls and a husband that is most used to referring to me as stay at home mom since the youngest was about one year old. After reading another blog this morning, well I have read quite a few other blogs this morning, not to mention a few quilting websites and I have not even visited all of them yet I came across some real wisdom.

We do live in an age of information. Just think here I sit in rural New Mexico and only wave at my neighbors but never actually speak to them but I converse daily with people from all over the globe without leaving the house. I can while away tons of time in front of (not the TV) but the computer. In fact I do not watch much TV. Nope I am a computer addict.....................ok see there I have said it! The fact is that I go to someones blog and they are describing something. New fabric, new supplies, or some gadget so off I go in search of that on the Internet. Then something else attracts my attention, and on and on. I can just waste away tons of time seeing all sorts of wonderful things on the Internet. I can sit here in my rural house, in my jammies, uncombed hair, and see the whole world. Amazing!

Now I vow to get off this computer and go work on that wonderful sampler on the frame. Yesterday I got the sashing done and had to order more thread. Today I am gonna quilt till I wilt.............................at least that is the plan!


Deb said...

He's GORGEOUS! how did you ever get him to wear the tiara??

I think being a little like Thomas is a good thing...too much, not so much! Balance is the key, IMHO

Hope you had a good day quilting, and didn't totally wilt!

Rose said...

I need to borrow that crown for Chunky Monkey--he totally thinks life revolves around him and he is not 6 months old!

As to computer, I do watch tv, but spend much more time here. If I make myself stay away from the computer I get more done...but it is so hard to resist. And I go through periods of spending hours looking at pictures--sometimes old pictures from time periods such as when they had the threshing crews go from farm to farm-- to pictures from around the appalachian area I grew up in. And right now, I have a number of blogs I like to visit for their daily photo! And those are from all over!

Terri said...

LOL What a handsome cat! Very regal!

DearGina said...

Oh THAT cat is hysterical!!! ( and not happy about the crown apparantly) LOL I love the colors of the blog, they look cheery:)