Tuesday, October 9, 2007


It is Balloon Fiesta time in Albuquerque again! Just imagine 700 balloons being inflated and taking off. It is a sight that is beyond words. The array of colors and shapes is wonderful to see. This along with people who come from all over the USA and other contries as well. The festivites begin offically at 5:45 am each morning with the dawn patrol. This is a small group of balloons that go up just as there is faint light comming over Sandia Crest. Each time the pilot of the balloon uses the burner to refresh the hot air the balloon glows. Then around 7am before you can see the sun over the top of the mountains the balloons begin to inflate for the mass ascension. Hundreds of balloons are being inflated and as they take off the chase crews are trying to get off the balloon park to go after them. Then another crew comes in to park in that space and inflate so they too can take off. This goes on for over two hours. People are welcome to walk around on the field so you are in a forest of balloons all around.
I have not even had time to go thru my photos yet and hope to do so this week. I will likely go again next weekend as Sunday is the farewell Ascension where they will all go up again. This means even more photos. This is as long as the weather cooperates. In past years there have been times they do not go up due to high winds or rain.
I think this year I will endeavor to submit a design for our guilds Balloon quilt. I know I have enough photos that are mine to come up with a nice composition. There is a contest and one winner is selected and that quilt is created and raffle tickets are sold.


Rose said...
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Rose said...

Love those photos! Just beautiful! Post more any time you feel like it.

cat in tassie said...

What fantastic photos! I can imagine a quilt based on these would be a great ticket seller. Oh, and I really like your Harmony quilt too.

Lindy said...

I love your quilts and the hot air balloons they do them in Park City Utah too. Being married to a pilot they are just a bit of the enjoyment of seeing them always.