Saturday, August 15, 2015

Nesting Robin Clue 2

Things have been very busy for me lately. I have had house guests and some job training that have kept me away from projects. I have been working on my forever handquilting project though and making great progress on that.

In any case the clue for August is to use triangles. for your nesting robin. The challenge this month is to put it on point with big triangles. If you do not want it to be on point when finished you can always do the on point treatment again to bring it back to the original orientation and still get that nice movement of the on point setting. You can make your triangles any way you like, you can piece the on point setting or just make a border or components using triangles in any way you choose.

I have used the on point setting for my nesting robin and as you can see in the upper right there is the beginnings of applique. Next month you will see what the design looks like.

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Feathers in my Nest said...

Hi Ami..just stopped by to tell you how impressed I was with the quilting you did on Misha's quilt..OMG!! Gorgeous..beyond gorgeous..epic.