Thursday, February 26, 2015

How To Recharge Your Batteries

Every year I go to a quilt retreat in Phoenix. My first retreat was over 10 years ago now and I really enjoy seeing my friends who also attend year after year. We laugh, cry, sew, eat, visit and laugh some more. It really is a wonderful time and we all come away with our batteries recharged. Over the years we have developed wonderful friendships that we continue online on quilting forum. This year I wanted to do something special for each retreat attendee so I decided to make one of these little "thread catchers" for each and every one. I made a total of 36 so there were a few extra. They are all different so that everyone would have the fun of choosing which one they wanted out of the group. I hope that when my friends take these out and use them they will think of me and smile. 

I do think I have made enough little "thread catchers" for now. Since I have been home I have been washing my fabrics that I acquired in Phoenix and putting away my sewing supplies. What fun we had. I am already looking forward to next year. I will be posting some of my projects soon. I was able to begin my Scrappy Trips Around the World and have been working on that daily since I got home so it will be done by the time good camping weather comes around (it is for the bed in my trailer). I also almost finished the hanging sleeve for my mountain majesty and will be showing that in a separate post, likely with snow as a backdrop as we are expecting lots of snow the next few days.

 This last one is for my daughter. She chose the fabrics she liked. She is going to use hers for a place to put her jewelry at the end of the day.

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Colene said...

I see mine everyday and think of Phoenix fun. Thanks