Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some More Crazy Quilting

Well this is not quilting at all. Crazy quilts are really a anything goes embelishment and needle craft piece. This is a portion of round three of the round robin I am in. This is Lou's block and the needlework is actually really simple. There are only a few stitches involved, stem stitch, chain stitch, fly stitch and french knots and sewing on a few buttons. I just love the way this little spray of stems looks. I am going to add a few flowers and then leave the rest to do for the round four person to have some fun with. I will be showing more photos of this block as I work on it. Now I better get back to that quilt waiting on the frame............I am doing a Popcorn panto today on a lovely pieced tulip quilt.


karenfae said...

very pretty! one day I will try crazy quilting.

Ramona-quilter said...

cat - I am more of a traditional quilter but I was so enamored with that crazy quilt block with the bunch of heather and the buttons and ribbon. It is so lovely. I will have to read the other posts to catch upon this round 4 thing.

Nanci said...

Only two words describe your little project...absolutely sweet!
I love the embroidery. I should add that to some of my work one day.