Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sari Quilt Done

I finally finished the Sari quilt. Seems like this one took forever. India silk is very delicate which means it is slippery and does not like to play nice when you try to lay it out on the grain. Once cut it will fray if you even breath therefore each seam is a French other words sewn twice on this double bed sized quilt.


Nanci said...

thanks for commenting on Do You Blog. I love your humming bird.
It's my passion at the cottage and I have hundreds of photos of them.
Yours is magnificent!
Hope you did well in Houston.

black bear cabin said...

i absolutely LOVE sari fabric...but you are right it is slippery as all get out, and frays the second its cut....doh! i have done some costuming with it...eek! never again! I can only imagine how cuddly and cozy that quilt must be though!
any plans to make another one any time soon :) hehehehe
love your feather work by the way...totally jealous of your skills!