Thursday, October 2, 2008

Chris's Row Robin

Being so far behind on the row robin is not a good thing for my mental health so I forged on and decided to do the next in line. This is my second one this week but now I only have two left to finish. This one belongs to Chris. Her theme is wonkey blocks. She said to think of the Flinstones when making these blocks. Guess that is kinda like Caveman quilting. She made the wonkey log cabins and sent around all of her own fabrics as well as a book for each of us to use. Pat made the square in a square on the top, then one of Ellen's two flying geese, next are Hilda's stars, then more of Ellen's geese, Chris's log cabins and finally my addition; the wonkey pinwheel blocks.

One would think pinwheel blocks are pretty straight forward to make. Not wonkey ones. These really took concentration to get them to have the wonkey look. I did have fun making them.

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