Saturday, March 26, 2016

For Pat

 I have a friend Pat who is going thru health issues and she is struggling to finish all her UFO's. I offered to finish one of her quilts for her and get it off the pile of unfinished quilts. I was given this really pretty quilt top for quilting. It was just begging for the allover "feather me please!"  So that is what I did. I love this quilt it is so cheerful and colorful.

 I decided that since Pat has other things to worry about that putting the binding on her quilt would be a nice surprise so that is what I did. I used the fabric left over when I trimmed the backing off to make the binding and the pink just looks great to bring out all the pinks in her quilt.It is now heading back to her as a finished quilt...........well she will have to decide if it needs a label.

I know it has been some time since I have posted. Seems like my life is really up in the air right now. My husband has taken a job in Texas and he is living there. I am still in New Mexico getting our daughter thru her senior year of high school. She will be graduating in May and then I guess we will see where I end up. I also got my old job back so I am working 30 hours per week and that is a good thing as it keeps me focused on something and helps pass the time. It is really tough to be in a long distance relationship but we are getting thru it.

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CAQuilter said...

That's so great of you and Shelly to get some of her projects quilted. Saying prayer for her.