Sunday, October 5, 2014

Nesting Robin aka How To Work On A UFO

I have been on a mission this year to finish up UFOs. I had a great idea of a nesting robin which is like a round robin but the project stays at home and you do all the work yourself in rounds. The first month October is to identify a center for the nesting robin which needs to be an orphan block. I had this in mind but did not have a clue where it was. I was digging thru some stored bins and found a ton of UFOs including this block. This was made years ago with a group on a quilting forum. One of the ladies drafted this block and made it a PDF file and some of us hand pieced it. I do remember it did not take too long and the hardest part was the orange circle which is about 1/2 or less inches wide. Well it floated around the sewing room for awhile and finally got boxed up and stored. I figure it is time to do something with it so it will be the center of my nesting robin. The first thing I am going to do (as I do not want to work in the round) is to applique it to a square. I do not want black to be the main color here so I will be auditioning other colors to applique this to and I want to work from my stash as well, which is part of the challenge. I have until November 1st to get this part done so hopefully I will find the perfect color to go with what is already there. At this point I will add a few more colors to the palate but they need to be added in the next round or two to make it all work together.

Stay tuned tomorrow when I will post my official Blog Hop post. I got tagged by my friend Misha.


Sharon Siacci said...

This will make a great centre

Marlene said...

Love this block. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.