Friday, October 5, 2012

 October 5, 2012

Ok I know the picture is sideways! I have been playing with it for over an hour now and I cannot figure it out so I will publish it as it is right now. This is a round robin made by my friend Suze. I have had it WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY to long and it is time to add my embelishments and send it back home so that Suze and put on her finishing touches and enjoy it. In any case this is how it looked when it arrived at my house so this is the before shot (I promise the after shot will be right side up. This is what happens when you take the photo sideways with your cell phone, e-mail it to yourself, add it to your PC photos where it shows up correctly, and then import it into your blog.

So far I have added lots of trees along the brown road. I am not done with all of them and will be adding a few more before I work on something in the empty blue flowerpot. I am thinking of some red flowers with big green leaves.

My absence from this blog has been way to long and it is a long saga since I have posted. I have changed jobs and now have less hours. I also broke my foot last year and had a serious complication, a pulmonary embolism which almost did me in. It has been a road of recovery from that. I am beginning to feel that things are going to look up again as far as being able to create again. I have started drawing alot which has the juices flowing. I also got my Gammil longarm machine going again and will be finishing the little quilt that has been sitting on  it for who knows how long now. It is a whole cloth quilt out of some floral fabric that was in the stash. It will end up being a little throw for the dog and I was making it just to practice my allover feathers. I guess it is good it is only half finished as in finishing it I will be able to warm up and see if my feathers still look good. I do not think Sadie the dog is gonna critique it other and seeing if it is worthy of napping on!


Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

Ami!! It is just so *awesome* to see you posting again! Great news on the job with less hours; I know you were meeting yourself coming and going and it was stressful.

Sorry to hear about the broken foot & resultant complications... but wonderful news that you have (obviously) recovered (or are continuing to recover) nicely.

I'm so happy for you to hear that you are once again quilting. You have such great talent and I know you must have been missing it a lot.

Welcome back!! I know everyone on the forum would love to have you active there again, too.


Suze said...

We have something else in common...I had a massive PE almost 2 years ago (Oct 28,2010) - Docs didn't expect me to live thru the night (but I did, much to their surprise)

SOOO glad you made it thru. Sorry you had to go thru such a serious problem - I know getting back on your feet is really, really hard - just being in the hospital can knock you for a loop.

Sounds like you are getting your quilting/creativity mojo back. I am looking forward to seeing what you have done with my little quiltlet!