Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Am So Excited

I went to the Fiber Arts Fiesta 2009 on Saturday to see all the wonderful stuff. I was also hopeing that the quilts I had in the show would do well. They did! I was just awed that I won not just one blue ribbon but two. My Ode to Spring was something I finished off the UFO pile that was just having fun playing with all the things I never to to try because I was too busy. Oregon Shores the group quilt I made with Jackie and Kathy also got blue. Needless to say I am just elated!


Ramona-quilter said...

What great news. That is fabulous, Cat. Congratulations.

Kim said...

Congratulations Ami, You so deserve it, your quilts are gorgeous..

Petey said...

Congratulations! Your work is beautiful. Just really love the hummingbird in your header. Did you do it (foolish question)? Your crazy patch...are you doing what is called Braziliam embroidery? My mother does that and is running out of projects!! Maybe we need to team up and she can do that handwork.
Enjoyed seeing your blog.

frazzledsugarplummum said...


Kathleen McKenna Murphy said...

We met in Houston last year at the winners circle...I just got my issue of American Quilter and saw your quilt! Congratulations!