Sunday, September 30, 2007

And So Life Goes On

Having attendended a funeral last Friday I have been reflecting a lot. Life is indeed short but also very precious. For each of us there are only so many days. We do not know how many we have when we begin. The short story is that we really need to use what time we do have for doing those things we love. The most precious of all are those people in our lives that are family and friends. They are what makes life good.

Things here are pretty busy and I can't get caught up on it all. I have been working each morning on my log cabin quilt though quite faithfully. I have one corner almost finished. All that is left is the bunny in the corner and it is done. This coming week I will try to continue on the next corner. I am not sure if I can complete the entire corner in one week but I know that I sure can in two. Right now I am making it a personal goal to have this top ready for quilting the end of October and the quilt entirely finished by the end of the year. I began the quilt in January so I figure as long as I can get it finished I will have at least done one quilt this year.

I think I am going to take a long and hard look at my UFOs and try to do a little catch up. First I am going to catalogue all of them and then try to get some of them finished. I have decided not to try too hard to join UFO groups as that will rush me and I am not the kind of person that wants to be rushed with my creativity. I find that when I am I do not produce my best work. Instead I will see if I can indeed finish something and then after the fact will enter it into the UFO drawing for that month in MQ I guess I am joining but not placing a deadline on myself. If I do not finish a UFO one month then there is always the next month.

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schnoobie said...

I found you thru the APQS chat site...regarding "can't get cutomers" . It's so nice to be able to encourage each other instead of being selfish and petty. Anyway, I too have a quilting blog and LOVE IT when I get a reply or comment so I thought I would respond to yours.. Looks like you are doing some amazing creative stuff...and your location and all of its natural splendor can't hurt!!I totally understand your post about life being so short. The biggest reason I got my longarm!!Our newly previous Guild president was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was gone within months.Seems like these stories are everywhere you turn, all the more reason to keep quilting and feeding your passion!