Monday, April 2, 2007

Nothing Like a Road Trip For Inspiration

No this is not my house. I took this photo at Fort Verde State Park in Arizona a couple of days ago. I am not sure how old this quilt is as I took it thru the glass as you could only view the room not go inside. It does seem like an old pattern but when I zoomed in on the photo it looked like it was recently is hand quilted.

this is a close up shot of the same quilt.

Now here is some great inspiration. These were petroglyphs on the rock wall at El Morrow National Monument in New Mexcio. Yes that is some more writting on top of them, likely from Spaniards from the 1700's as there were many signatures form that era there too. In fact this rock has had many carvings over the past 100's of years. It is almost a whose who of the American West!

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karenfae said...

I've seen that place! It was really nice wasn't it. Of course when I went we were on our way back from summer vacation and it was hot as could be.